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Habitat Management Services (HMS) has been providing customized environmental services and solutions to a diverse range of clients since 2004 throughout Victoria, Australia and internationally including the U.S.A (Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles).

With a team of highly skilled and experienced environmental specialists, it is our goal to work with our client to find realistic and practical solutions whilst at the same time meeting the needs in relation to planning requirements, deadlines and budget constraints. This is also balanced with the company and staff’s commitment and dedication to protecting, preserving and enhancing both urban and rural environments.

We also work with our clients and stakeholders to assist and guide them to achieve their various project goals, ratings, and incentives such as the sustainability rating ISCA.

The staff at HMS also assists their clients with various community and stakeholder engagement activities and consultation including attending community information forums, conducting education activities (including schools, special interest groups, and various stakeholders) and events, PR and marketing campaigns (including filming work activities and interviews). 

HMS is a diverse company that specializes in a range of environmental services that cater to the needs of all clients within the development and construction sectors including rail, road, energy, property development, water, land management, bushfire and environmental and property planning.

Our team of highly qualified staff includes Zoologists, Arborists, Ecologists, Botanists, GIS and IT specialist, Drone Pilots, Environmental Planners, Water specialists, Land Management Specialists, and Landscape Advisors.

We meet the needs of our clients by offering a diverse range of services but with a high level of practical experience, skill, and knowledge. This includes fauna spotter-catcher, installation of fauna over and underpasses and trail cameras, flora and fauna surveys, GIS mapping and reporting, environmental site supervision, auditing and reporting, water quality surveys and reporting, environmental planning, and approvals, etc.

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